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The Church of Infinite Harmony

I'm sure most of you have seen our newsletter about the announcement. Liberty Arising is now a project of the Church of Infinite Harmony, a 501(c) 3 created Jackie and Rachel Dragon. Yup, we started a church. We were in need of a new legal entity to house the Liberty Arising Project and decided this is the best course of action.

Liberty Arising's history is deeply rooted in spiritual transformation. Our community is founded on the wisdom of Ancient Traditions spanning the globe, from Taoism to Sufism to Tibetan Buddhism, but over the years we have found that what happens here at Liberty is uniquely our own, and unique to the community that now supports us. We have our own ideas and beliefs about spirituality and how we can serve the community as a lighthouse for finding meaning and purpose in this world.

Thus the Church of Infinite Harmony is a gift to all of us. It belongs to all of us. We have set forth some principles as a guiding light, but the church is built to evolve as we evolve. Never stagnant, always acknowledging the Great Mystery that lies before us.

We will have donating members and non donating members. We will have services. We will have community outreach. We will have rites of passage. We will marry you and your beloved. We will hold service for those who depart this Earth... and we will do this in collaboration with you. The church will be co-created with you.

Our church will be ministered byThe Land Stewards, beings who first and foremost take the welfare of all the living beings on Planet Earth into their care. Land Stewards operate as if the Earth itself is alive, conscious and feeling. Harmony and Coherence are the pillars upon which the land stewards make choices. Our vision is a lofty one... a coalescing of all the intelligences available to us to somehow bring humans in harmony with the planet. To find the metaphorical Garden of Eden here on Earth, in this life, in this now.

Come find us. Send us an email or schedule a visit. Let us know your thoughts. Share with us the vision you have for humanity, for finding prayer and divinity, for birthing community. We want to share this process with you.

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