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Above the Clouds

To become a member of the Church of Infinite Harmony is to support all living beings on Earth and promote peace.



Membership to the Church of Infinite Harmony is a commitment to the Harmonic Principles and a commitment to a life of service to the planet and all it's inhabitants. It is a solemn oath to uphold the benevolent understanding that the preservation of life is paramount to the purpose and existence of the sentient human species.

The Church of Infinite Harmony seeks a universal state of "Gaian Consciousness" for all beings on the planet as a necessary means for restoring vital ecosystems and anthro-systems that can further our evolution and expression of life as humans. 

Membership is a desire to restore local cooperative tribalism, return to rites of passage as benchmarks of spiritual and physical evolution and communing through ritual. By connecting to the harmonic frequencies of the planet through interactions with the natural world, love, reverence and gratitude emerge as a natural aspect of the human condition.

Members gather to celebrate these co-emergent phenomenon and return to the origin of our spirit. Our souls are the expressions of Gaia. Our existence is as one family, all our relations whether plant, animal, insect, human or element, are deeply interwoven and inter-dependent. We exist for each other.

The Church of Infinite Harmony believes that dedicating our lives in service to life and the Gaian principles will guide all other actions and epistemologies and cultivate a society of collaboration and mutual respect regardless of social or physical orientation.



When an individual desires membership, the Church of Infinite Harmony finds a way to accept. Because the individual is open to the concept of Gaian Consciousness, they are ready to explore coherence with the body of the church, and is able to become member of a local expression of that body. To become a member of a church is to formally commit oneself to an identifiable, local body of practitioners who have joined together for specific, divinely originated purposes. These purposes include the stewardship of planet Earth and Gaian Consciousness, the commitment to peace and unity of all lifeforms, and the joyful expression of rite and ritual among the tribe. In addition, when one becomes a member of a church, they are willing to accept the gift of care and the wisdom of the qualified Land Stewards that have emerged from the Gaian Collective. 





Membership is a commitment to an ethos, a rite of passage, and a dedication of merit to bringing about Harmony. Membership is a declaration of intention, and an action toward supporting the proliferation of our collective ethos and taking defined steps toward collective evolution.




Becoming a member here isn’t difficult at all. We just ask you to do three things:

1. Be open to the Great Mystery and flow like water, always open to new ways of being as you evolve

2. Feel in your heart the living sacred body of Planet Earth as inseparable from you. Feel your “Gaian Consciousness."

3. Become a Donating Member of the Church by clicking the sign up button on this page. Tithing the Church acknowledges the understanding and support of the Harmonic Principles and the Church's Ethos. 


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