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Church Land Stewards

Upon the Ordination of Land Stewards, The Church of Infinite Harmony shall guide, support, protect, and authorize the practices of Stewardship.

Beautiful Oak

The path to ordination involves a dedication to the safety and well being of all sentient beings and the cultivation and protection of a sanctuary.  The duties and responsibilities of the Land Steward Include:

1. The growth of food in accordance with the principles of permaculture and regenerative farming as a means of healing the relationship between food and humans and creating a transpersonal relationship with Planet Earth.

2. The tending to a parcel of land, chosen by the Stewards, in accordance with the Harmonic Principles, treating all aspects of the parcel as sacred and without hierarchy. Each tree, plant, animal, insect, rock etc. has the right to exist and follows a natural order in its existence.

3. The construction of dwellings and places of worship in accordance with the principles of natural building, sustainable architecture, and non toxic materials.

4. Self Education on the principles of water conservation and renewable energy as a means of sustaining human life on planet earth in accordance with the Harmonic Principles.

5. Building or Obtaining a House of Practice, where all humans can come to learn, heal, grow, and move toward harmony with the self and all beings, seen and unseen, sentient and non-sentient.

6. Accepting all forms of religious practice that promote peace between all plants, animals and beings, and cause no harm or create dualistic viewpoints of right and wrong.

7. Supporting all persons toward the adoption of the Harmonic Principles without judgement and by the accord of all persons willingly. A person’s rejection of the Harmonic Principles does not invalidate their points of view or practices. The Land Stewards refrain from all Dogma, as the unknowable Infinite Mystery is the first Principle of Harmony.

8. Engaging and/or administering any form of practice, philosophy, therapy, ritual or ceremony that leads our fellow humans toward a deeper connection to source Gaian consciousness, to inter-human connectedness and/or toward a deeper reverence for the self and all life on Earth.

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